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Our firm management believes very strongly in protecting the integrity and accuracy of the thousands of paternity tests in which we have been involved over 20+ years.  Consequently I am very happy to represent to our clients and prospective clients that both of the AABB Accredited laboratories with which we work, DNA Diagnostics Center and Chromosomal Laboratories,  each test a minimum of 16 markers on both their LEGAL TEST and their NON-LEGAL tests, which literally guarantees 100% accuracy.  
dnablocksI am sure that each of us in our lives has heard the old saying, “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”.   Nothing could be truer than that adage as it applies to paternity testing, as I am sure that in your internet research that you have found pricing all over the spectrum from $ 79.00 to $ 400.00.  What I have found in our firm’s 20+ years of being very involved in paternity testing that you really do get exactly what you pay for, but the general public is not very knowledgeable about paternity testing so they often may not know the right questions to ask.  The reason is that some paternity testing laboratories charge very cheap pricing for their NON-LEGAL test is simply a marketing ploy.  To sell paternity tests so inexpensively they have to cut corners on their costs.  Consequently the test result that you get for your NON-LEGAL or what we call the PERSONAL TEST, may be totally accurate or it may not be accurate.  For example, I know of one well known laboratory that sells their NON-LEGAL paternity test for $ 169.00, but what they do not tell you is that they test only 7 “markers” or DNA comparisons.   The reality is, that more often than not, 7 markers being reported does not provide a definitive result to meet the standards set by the AABB.   The minimum standard as established by AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) in order for a test result for the LEGAL test to be acceptable in most legal matters in the United States, is to test a minimum of 8 markers or DNA comparisons.   Most court systems in the United States rely on AABB guidelines when they decide to accept a DNA report into evidence for a case.   So how accurate do you believe their NON-LEGAL test would be when testing only 7 markers?   These inexpensive laboratories cannot cut corners on their LEGAL tests, but they do advertise that the laboratory is AABB Accredited, so they mislead people in believing that the NON-LEGAL test follows the same standards, when very often they do not. We take our responsibility very seriously with paternity testing because the ultimate test result has a very serious impact on people’s lives, forever.   So, we refuse to work with the cheap laboratories that cut corners so they can offer cheap pricing, and offer test results that may or may not be accurate.  Remember, “You get exactly what you pay for”.


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