Telomere Testing

familyKnow your Biological Age through TELOMERE TESTING

Live a Longer Better Life — studies have long shown that stress, as well as diet, exercise, and other good health practices can affect the overall well-being age of an individual. Now, science has caught up with those studies to teach people how to slow down the aging process, possibly live a longer better life, and help their doctors guide them in that process.

The Telomere Test is a new DNA process to determine a person’s biological age. A Telomere is the structure at the tip of each chromosome. Each time a cell replicates the telomere will become shorter, representing a shorter life span for the cell. DNA testing of your blood can determine the length of your telomeres. While you might be 35 years old according to your birth date, your biological age might be 25 to 45 years.

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